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America's Frackers Should Fear A New Dawn For Iranian Oil


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Put aside the debate on whether the Iran nuclear deal is “good” or “bad.” Even if the U.S. Congress ends up voting against the deal, the hardliners will not be able to cobble together the two-thirds majority needed to overcome a veto by President Obama. Likewise, approval by the U.N. Security Council appears to be a given.... read more

Shale Gas Supply Held Hostage by Oil to Drop by Most in a Year


by Christine Buurma/Naureen Malik - Bloomberg
After four years of record supply, America’s natural gas output is showing signs of weakness as producers retreat amid tumbling oil prices.... read more

Natural gas pipelines will handle increased production in the future


By PennEnergy Editorial Staff
In a press release from the Advanced Energy Economy Institute, data shows that previous and future natural gas infrastructure will be able to withstand the majority of the U.S.'s natural gas needs through the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan.... read more

Gulfport acquires additional acreage in Utica shale play


By Oil & Gas Financial Journal Staff
Gulfport Energy Corp. has entered into agreements to acquire additional acreage in the Utica shale play, associated assets and incremental firm transportation commitments from American Energy -- Utica LLC (AEU).... read more
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