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Cambridge, OH 43725
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  Price: The oil and gas industry is at an all time high, making now the best time to sell. Oil and gas wells are a depleting asset. Over time, the production from a well will decrease resulting in a lower check to you. For this reason, many people choose to sell their interest and take the cash today, to reinvest in a less volatile area. This type of payout would allow for the elimination of high interest credit card bills, home or car payments, medical expenses or any other liabilities.

A need for cash: Many owners find that converting their revenue streams into lump sum payments are a good hedge against the liability of less income over time, the liability of clean up, and in the case of estates, the burden of taxes and probate.

Estates: Often when a family member passes, there are mineral interests in their estate. If there are multiple heirs, it becomes an asset that is not worth managing for one or all parties. It can be a burden to get the producer to divide the interest.

Fractionalization: As minerals and royalties are handed down through various generations, they become increasingly fragmented. Because of this, the economic benefit to each generation declines exponentially. They also become more expensive and complicated to manage and pass down.

Cleaning Up An Estate: Many interests, after being divided several ways, have relatively little financial value to the heirs. Also, many heirs know little or nothing about the paperwork associated with transferring and maintaining an oil and gas property.